Our Story


The Rhode Orthopedic Group (RōG) was started by Blair Rhode, MD in 2010. Dr. Rhode is a fellowship trained sports medicine orthopedic surgeon that saw an opportunity in providing quality, stable technologies to the orthopedic community. Many companies feel that they need to charge more for their products in order to continue to develop new products for orthopedists. Products that have long lost their intellectual mark-up (patent value) continue to demand inflated prices under the auspice of funding future products. We feel that this form of cost shifting is incorrect. Products that are innovative should command top dollar. When they become stable, the savings should be passed along to the consumer. This is what happens in all other industries. This allows more people to reap the benefits of these technologies. This is fair.

RōG is an EcoOrtho® company. Our goal is provide ecological and economical solutions to the orthopedic community. We realize that medicine is one of the great polluters and much of this is due to the single use, disposable mentality of medicine. By utilizing reusable inserters, we can remove up to 95% of the waste involved in implant insertion.

There are 3 ways that RōG will achieve its goal of lowering costs. One is by our environmentally conscious approach. Second, we will utilize stable technologies that have exhausted their intellectual mark-up. Third, and most importantly, we propose to connect the manufacturer directly to the hospital or surgery center. RōG has partnered with OrthoDirect to remove the distributer and sales rep from our model.

Our goal is to return to the hospital what they used to manage but what they long gave away to the industry. The industry has created a sense of dependence on the sales rep model by allowing them to control inventory and equipment via a consignment model. When the hospital or surgery center again becomes an owner, they will regain control and be able to benefit from this model. Once the sales rep is removed with all their costs, the hospital can begin to look at implants from a cost/quality perspective- and reap the benefits. OrthoDirect and their ORDT program allow hospitals to achieve this goal.

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